Feb 26

Building Green

Environmentalism and real estate may be strange bedfellows, but current advances in technology are now starting to promote green building. Green building is the practice of creating structures and using practices that are environmentally friendly and resource efficient. There are a number of green building standards that builders and developers can use to certify whether a particular structure is a green building. These standards include the Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED) rating system, which is a nationally accepted standard developed and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. Many of these standards use a system that assigns points for a variety of practices and certify a building at various levels of “green“ depending on the number of points acquired. Energy conservation, water conservation, sustainable site selection, building material conservation, and enhanced occupant health is an integral part of green building. Green building practices tend to increase up-front construction costs but often provide long-term benefits that may offset these increases.

Feb 19

Projecting the Future Land Value


If you want manageable properties to invest in, chances are you will find them in underdeveloped areas which offer initial public offerings at fairly competitive prices. The value of the properties have not yet been established perhaps due to the fact that the entire area where the property located is still being developed.

A lot of these originate from the rural areas. Bare land areas have yet to be assessed the actual land value. But if you are an investor, you would consider investing in them after prior studies. You may just find yourself investing well and even selling them as a profit in the future if you so choose.

Feb 12

RA Consulting Estate Agency


RA Consulting is a real estate company dealing with the purchase, sale and rental of all types of property. Their dealings include lots, apartments, flats, business and residential complexes, houses, bungalows and industrial sites. The firm offers properties within a specific area but also works in collaboration with other real estate companies.

Feb 5

Good Investing Tips

There are some things that last through the ages, some pieces of advice that you can translate many different ways that will always be applicable. Usually, these are life advice but there are some practical ones that stand the test of time too.


In investing, there are some things that you really should look at and these things applied twenty years ago and still apply today. Take a look at prices. Those homes in high demand, in posh places, will have high process but you will find property in surrounding areas that are more affordable. Take a look at projections on how these areas may boom in the future and this may be something to consider. Tax is inescapable so look for a place that has low or manageable tax. Finally, look at school statistics. Schools that are rising in ranks in certain areas is a good indicator of a good place to invest in.

Keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have a better time making a shortlist and deciding later on.

Jan 29

Foreclosed Properties Abound – Want to Buy?

foreclosedhomessaleThe several thousand or even millions of foreclosed properties allover the US are prime pickings for investors or first-time home buyers, if they know what they’re doing. Foreclosed properties are some of the best buys and worst around. Most lenders simply have so much to dispose of they may not have maintained them properly. The may look fresh and sparkling on the outside but what about the guts of the property or home? These can easily be checked for defects by licensed home inspectors who can point out major problems should they exist out of sight of us normal people.

Jan 22

Let the Family Decide


As far as living in new homes is concerned, it would be best to seek the reaction of the whole family. For sure there will be varying remarks from all of them but more or less the final decision will be left up to you.

Remember, your own judgment prior to consulting them will matter. It is better than plainly making a move on your own without their inputs. Your family’s reaction may not necessarily be the best one but at least you gave them that courtesy before making payment to the property and then moving in unscheduled.

Jan 15

Leasing Deal — Part I

53.jpgby Andrea Mella

The solution to a first-class lease-to-own deal is selecting your clients in a good way. The majority of people who are looking at least-to-own property are doing so for the reason that they have a concern with getting a credit loan from a traditional lender, and who are even looking to buy a property within the next few years. Often times, these prospective buyers have a current bankruptcy on their credit, or a new divorce, or some other foremost life event that cause them a high risk for a traditional loan, and as well makes them short of first installment money.

Jan 8

How Networking can Work for You

Selling your house is a big task especially since the real estate market has not really recovered since going through very rough time a few years back. You will need to do your best, give your best effort, and invest in time and some money to make sure you package your house well. There are more buyers to entice today than there were eighteen months or so ago but it is still important to get their attention in a market full of houses for sale.


A real estate broker is an additional expense, something you may think is unnecessary, but may work out for you. A professional broker will not only know the market trends, the details of selling property in your area, and will not only have presentation and marketing ideas, but should also have an established network that you can take advantage of. Getting these contacts could mean more possible buyers.

Jan 1

Contracting a Property Manager


Having a reference or document to refer to is a very important part of any business agreement. Most contracts between you and a property manager will detail that he/she is responsible for collecting rent from all tenants and forwarding the rent to you. The contract may also state that he is responsible for routine maintenance or needed repairs.

Dec 25


環境保護主義と不動産が仲が良い仲間というのは奇妙かもしれませんが、最近の技術の発達によりグリーン建築が普及しだしました。 グリーン建築は環境にフレンドリーで資源効率の良い構造を創り、実行する方法です。 ある構造がグリーン建築であるかどうかを認証するために、建築会社や開発業者は多数のグリーン建物基準を使います。 これらの基準はエネルギー効率と設計のリーダーシップ(LEED)判定システムを含みます、この基準は全国的に承認されており、米国グリーン建物審議会により作成、管理されています。これら多くの基準は色々な方法を採点し、獲得点数により建物がどのレベルの「グリーン」であるか、認証します。エネルギー保護、水資源保護、持続可能な場所の選択、建物材質の保護、住民の健康対応などはグリーン建物の一環です。グリーン建物の実施は建築の費用を増加しますが、長期的な利点がこれらの増加を相殺します。