May 22

Home Buyers Spend More to Live in the City


City living in condo type dwellings is preferred than buying homes in residential areas by urban dwellers. The higher premium is offset by the accessibility to one’s workplace, the restaurants and entertainment center. Other factors that were in consideration are the reduced time and expenses for commuting and lesser outlay for gas.

May 15

Finding a Reliable Broker


When you are considering investing in properties and real estate, it would be best to get the assistance of reliable brokers who know the ins and outs of the market today. There are a lot of them around and most of them have been licensed by the local body of real estate broker associations in your area.

There are some people who would seek help from would-be brokers without a license, perhaps to avoid the deductions such as commissions which are commanded by most. While this is a good ploy, do remember that there are brokers who may scam you out of your money, perhaps larger than these deductions you are trying to avoid.

May 8

Investment Myths – Get Rich Quick


Investing in real estate properties will make you rich in no time at all. Buying property and then selling it for far more than you paid for – otherwise known as “flipping” – is the best way to increase your wealth.There are some people who are successful in adding to their wealth this way. But this is actually risky and advisable only if the market is in a good condition. No-downpayment schemes are saying that the property is fully financed – that is, a big share of the cashflow is allotted for paying the monthly amortizations. This kind of scheme actually gives you higher interest rates because of the bigger risk to the lending company and no money is allotted for improvement or repairs should the need arise. This is saying that you are depending on the property itself to bring you more money instead of improving the management of the property to increase its cashflow. An investment expert said, don’t sell if you want your money out, have your property refinanced and pull out any equity you can.

May 1

Can You Trust Your Agent?


As far as real estate selling is concerned, chances are most of them can be sold on a fast break basis if you have real estate brokers or agents offer them for you. You may be wondering why real estate agents are aggressive in selling certain property and it all boils down to the commission that they will get.

Existing and laid out properties are easier to sell. For one thing, the buyer already has something to see and bank on. They do not have to wait and see the final output because it is already there. But the thing is, can you trust them to find reliable buyers? Make sure you do a background check on them and see their portfolio prior to agreeing.

Apr 24

Real estate transaction, Aberdeen Property Fund Finland


We represented Aberdeen Property Fund Finland I Ky in a real estate transaction where the fund acquired a department store property located in Kajaani from Kouta Kiinteistöt Oy.

The aggregate acreage of the real estate is 3,200 m2. The transaction was realized in the form of real estate acquisition. The transaction value was agreed not to be disclosed.

Apr 17

Evaluate In-house Development Financing


The Mexican coastline from Baja California to Cancun is dotted with beautiful developments and spectacular development proposals that offer in-house financing to real estate buyers.

This type of financing can be attractive for buyers when they are dealing with reputable developers who are financially sound. Yet in the sometimes shaky world of Mexico real estate there are risks involved to some in-house financing, but those risks can be managed.

Apr 10

Real Estate will Rise Once Again


Banking on the last fall of real estate, we may see the rise of the real estate industry in 10 years once again since everything today is being fazed by the crisis we find ourselves in. It is like a cycle and only the observant and monitoring individual can more or less assess when the actual real estate rise will come.

Now all of these are fallacies for now but you cannot help but wonder on their credibility. Everything that is down will rise at times when we least expect it. Real estate is no exception to this.

Apr 3

Water Supply System

58.jpgby Andrea Mella

If you had purchased a log cabin or a small house in New Jersey,  the state law would have called for that water from the water supply to be tested in order  to get rid of the consequences that you might have. Meanwhile in New York, there is no State Law for water testing. This is the reason why it is extremely feasible that the majority of undisclosed wells have not been tested in the past years. Testing the private water supply is normally the accountability of the homeowner. A number of communities are now passing a law that involves water supply or  water source testing prior to real estate dealings.

Mar 27

Real Estate – On the rocks!

refinance02The real estates business has never been in such trouble for as January figures come in, it shows that already devalued homes are selling for still lower figures. This counters the seemingly positive effect news of the bailout having passed the government hearings and is already on the move to help homeowners. People continue to loose homes due to unpaid mortgages, left with nothing but grief and disbelief that it came too fast for even them to take action. The sub-prime lending market collapse last year has been one of the most damaging events in the history of the housing market and today, even commercial giants are finding it difficult to unloads their huge inventories of homes they have accumulated through the years.

Mar 20

Put it in Writing


It is easy to have brokers and agents to find buyers but the matter of the set price should be clearly emphasized. For sure, aside from the agreed commission to be handed out, they will be placing mark-ups on your desired price for your property. Make sure this does not happen because for one thing, it may take a while before your property can be sold.

As far as the final price is concerned, you may not know unless you see the final documents. While you may or may not see them, the broker will inform you in the end on the proper price of the said sale. Sometimes you may become surprised to see that they sold it a larger price. Think of the price you should have sold it.