Aug 27

Real Estate Transactions

by Andrea Mella

57.jpgThe number of transactions in May, reported with the Department of Finance was higher than in some month since August 2007. Advisers said there was a significant command for extraordinary and classy trophy properties. Up till now, there were some signs of concern in the initial numbers, in which the primary marker of the agreements signed was during the spring selling period. More often than not it go on with all the way through the Fourth of July. The sales were blocked during May and it goes down up to 20 percent below. Also, there were signs of a hold back in sales of smaller and lower-priced apartments.   

Aug 20

December Considerations

It is the end of the year once again and if you spent the entire year looking for that house and have not yet made the decision or have not yet closed that sale, then do not fret. You may be able to make that sale this month after all.

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There are no rules about this. You will not see people telling you that yes, for sure, you have to buy in December to get the best deal. The rule when buying a house is really to do your homework and to look at the market trends. The thing is, all things being equal trend-wise, there are those who say December is a good time to buy a house. This is due to the fact that the end of the year usually spells more sellers wanting to move house and less competition.

The key to house buying is to do your research and look around. If December with the touted selection and less competition is the month you find THE house, then go for it.

Aug 13

Living in Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are becoming widely popular nowadays. Not just because the bountiful advantages it offer, but because the compact design of it makes cleaning and maintaining much easier. For most, living in studio apartments is the best housing option that fit their lifestyle, especially for those who are spending much of their time outside because of job or school rather than inside home. Studio apartments are also ideal for people that on a budget or for those just starting on their own, or to people who want to cut back on expenses and save money.

It is easy to live in studio apartment as it doesn’t require much of your attention, just be creative, organized and have the ability to find best ways to make use of every little space and wall area to its fullest is enough. For instance, you can just use multifunctional furniture as it serves not just for one purpose or use organizers such as bookshelves, hanging pockets or even small portable carts full of thin drawers. All of these allow a single closet or corner of a room to hold a large amount of items in a very neat and organized way while providing some extra space for decorations.

May 30

Good Investing Tips

There are some things that last through the ages, some pieces of advice that you can translate many different ways that will always be applicable. Usually, these are life advice but there are some practical ones that stand the test of time too.


In investing, there are some things that you really should look at and these things applied twenty years ago and still apply today. Take a look at prices. Those homes in high demand, in posh places, will have high process but you will find property in surrounding areas that are more affordable. Take a look at projections on how these areas may boom in the future and this may be something to consider. Tax is inescapable so look for a place that has low or manageable tax. Finally, look at school statistics. Schools that are rising in ranks in certain areas is a good indicator of a good place to invest in.

Keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have a better time making a shortlist and deciding later on.

Apr 27

Gardening for Small Spaces

It is easy to think that you can do without suck things in small living spaces but this is not exactly true anymore. Where small spaces before were undesirable because it was thought you could not do much, today, there is a lot of leeway to do so many things you would in a bug house. Gardening is one activity often thought of to be impossible in a small space like a condominium. That is not the case.


Condominium dwellers now have their own little gardens in the form of various potted plants that can survive indoors. They even have veggies that grow from window sills. In short, it is possible to have your own garden even living in a small home. A little creativity and research will make this possible. So for those who remain doubtful, know that owning a small space now can be the same experience as owning a big house so think about it seriously

Feb 24

Add a Human Touch

Personality is a major thing for any relationship. In fact, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a couple, a person who would want a guy or gal who has no or who had a bad personality. Funnily, this example can be used as an effective analogy for buying (and selling) a house.


When you have a house you want to sell, one way to make sure you can place a check sign beside the marketability side of your list is to make sure you give your house personality. Little human touches her and there is what is necessary for this. Valentines can be the perfect holiday excuse to add personal touches. Use fresh bouquets of flowers, arranged artfully around the house, to add to a lovely and lived-in look. These will even last past the love month as they can be dried, placed in bowls as potpourri and further add to personality as country charm.

Using what is handy will also be money-saving for you. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to add that human touch to your house.

Jan 16

How Networking can Work for You

Selling your house is a big task especially since the real estate market has not really recovered since going through very rough time a few years back. You will need to do your best, give your best effort, and invest in time and some money to make sure you package your house well. There are more buyers to entice today than there were eighteen months or so ago but it is still important to get their attention in a market full of houses for sale.


A real estate broker is an additional expense, something you may think is unnecessary, but may work out for you. A professional broker will not only know the market trends, the details of selling property in your area, and will not only have presentation and marketing ideas, but should also have an established network that you can take advantage of. Getting these contacts could mean more possible buyers.

Dec 15

Leasing Deal — Part II

54.jpgby Andrea Mella

When you are selecting your would-be clients for a lease-to-own property offering, it is prudent to look at all circumstances separately and then come about with a best  conclusion if you believe and feel that the person will be prepared and clever to make the acquisition when the time comes. If you know someone who in a short time went through a break up and yet has a committed job and excellent past history with wealth, they might be a budding customer. On the contrary, if you are looking at someone who has revealed ghastly credit history and is wobbly in the job market, you may feel like to eliminate them as a likely buyer of your asset. 

Nov 28

Maintaining the Value of your Home

Owning a home is no joke. It is a big responsibility that a person should not take lightly. The moment you decide to buy a house you will own something that will be your shelter or a possible source of income in the future. It is important then to take care of this investment.

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Taking care of your real estate will first depend on the kind of property it is but, if it is a house, this can be simple to do and a matter or consistency and habit. Making sure you take the time to create a maintenance schedule and follow this is one half of the battle. There are a lot of professionals who can help you with your regular maintenance but, if you do not want to spend, you can also do a lot of this on your own. Simple cleaning and keeping tabs of what needs to be repaired and replaced and getting these done as soon as needed is the way to maintain your house without too much spending.

If you decide later on to sell your house, you will surely be able to do this if you successfully maintain it. Getting references will not be difficult and will further add value to your property.

Oct 31

House Hunting Tips

These days, having home ownership security is a big thing. So if you are in the position where you can buy your own house and you are about to embark on looking for just the right place, keep in mind a few things to help make your search better and easier.
Always remember location when looking for a house. Is it close to your office? If you have kids, are there good schools in the area, playgrounds? Utilize all means in doing your research. Look at trends in costs in the areas you’ve chosen, look at market value of the properties, etc. When you go out, keep a list of the houses you look at noting details for review so you will remember when you need to make a decision. Make sure you know what your budget is for down payment, mortgage, and for maintenance of your house and, with this in mind, be prepared to make an offer should you find what you need.
Keeping these simple tips in mind will make house hunting easier and enjoyable.