Dec 18

The Fixer Upper


This term simply refers to a property that’s being offered for sale at a lower price than what it should normally get, because the property needs a number of repairs to be restored to its best condition.

A house with a large floor area and significant improvements may still be called a fixer-upper if, for example, the house has been neglected or abandoned for several years, needing to be remodeled to be fit to live in again.

Dec 11

Finding a Reliable Broker


When you are considering investing in properties and real estate, it would be best to get the assistance of reliable brokers who know the ins and outs of the market today. There are a lot of them around and most of them have been licensed by the local body of real estate broker associations in your area.

There are some people who would seek help from would-be brokers without a license, perhaps to avoid the deductions such as commissions which are commanded by most. While this is a good ploy, do remember that there are brokers who may scam you out of your money, perhaps larger than these deductions you are trying to avoid.

Dec 4

Gardening for Small Spaces

It is easy to think that you can do without suck things in small living spaces but this is not exactly true anymore. Where small spaces before were undesirable because it was thought you could not do much, today, there is a lot of leeway to do so many things you would in a bug house. Gardening is one activity often thought of to be impossible in a small space like a condominium. That is not the case.


Condominium dwellers now have their own little gardens in the form of various potted plants that can survive indoors. They even have veggies that grow from window sills. In short, it is possible to have your own garden even living in a small home. A little creativity and research will make this possible. So for those who remain doubtful, know that owning a small space now can be the same experience as owning a big house so think about it seriously

Nov 27

Maintaining the Value of your Home

Owning a home is no joke. It is a big responsibility that a person should not take lightly. The moment you decide to buy a house you will own something that will be your shelter or a possible source of income in the future. It is important then to take care of this investment.

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Taking care of your real estate will first depend on the kind of property it is but, if it is a house, this can be simple to do and a matter or consistency and habit. Making sure you take the time to create a maintenance schedule and follow this is one half of the battle. There are a lot of professionals who can help you with your regular maintenance but, if you do not want to spend, you can also do a lot of this on your own. Simple cleaning and keeping tabs of what needs to be repaired and replaced and getting these done as soon as needed is the way to maintain your house without too much spending.

If you decide later on to sell your house, you will surely be able to do this if you successfully maintain it. Getting references will not be difficult and will further add value to your property.

Nov 20

Leasing to Own a Property


One good alternative that most property seekers are checking out these days is to resort to lease to own properties. It is apparent that most people do not have the financial capacity to immediately own properties since they cost millions to have. Some turn to loans but may soon have problems considering that their regular finances may not be that stable.

Lease to own allows you to live and at the same time gradually pay for the actual value set for a property you may want. The price may be stiff be at least you know that you are paying for something that will be eventually yours.

Nov 13


55.jpgby Andrea Mella

Landowner buying off-plan must make sure that they are truly getting a price cut if they have been assured by the developer. The most excellent way to do this is to take a look at the resident property information to discover if the deal property bargain that was made is to consider. Property shareholder need to have decided on what variety of property to procure. As soon as a landlord has establish a prospective investment property they need to bargain hard to obtain a good deal. Keep in mind the saying that a property shareholder makes their remuneration when they acquire not when they put on the market. 

Nov 6

Put it in Writing


It is easy to have brokers and agents to find buyers but the matter of the set price should be clearly emphasized. For sure, aside from the agreed commission to be handed out, they will be placing mark-ups on your desired price for your property. Make sure this does not happen because for one thing, it may take a while before your property can be sold.

As far as the final price is concerned, you may not know unless you see the final documents. While you may or may not see them, the broker will inform you in the end on the proper price of the said sale. Sometimes you may become surprised to see that they sold it a larger price. Think of the price you should have sold it.

Oct 30

Real estate: An overview


Real estate transactions are governed by a wide body of federal statutes and state statutory and common law.

The requirements established by state law often differ significantly from one state to the next. Real estate brokers are employed as the agent of the seller in order to obtain a buyer for their property.

Oct 22

Financing a Real Estate Loan


As far as securing a house today is concerned, many of us will have doubt on getting a loan. Outside that of having to be tied up for about 25 years with a bank or lending institution, there is that little worry of not being able to fulfill this financial obligation.

There are a lot of factors to consider such as:

1. Financial Outlook
2. Current Economic Trends

Of the two, more emphasis on the first is to be considered. There are people who have problems managing their finances individually and such can be a problem in the long run.

Oct 15

Get acquainted with Today’s Real Estate Trends


Investing in a real estate business is not that plain and simple. A realtor will go through the process of buying, renovating and then selling his acquired property. Not all transactions will be rewarding and it is vital that an investor be knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the business.