Jul 3

Green Technologies In the Home

//"solarpanels"Most real estate development projects are aiming for green technologies to capitalize on the many perks being offered by the government for such projects. From tax discounts to other incentives, companies and developers who adopt green technologies even before they are made mandatory by law in the coming years. The government is scheduled to pour out billions in the development of such technologies that are starting to filter down the construction industry down into the home.

Jun 26

Projecting the Future Land Value


If you want manageable properties to invest in, chances are you will find them in underdeveloped areas which offer initial public offerings at fairly competitive prices. The value of the properties have not yet been established perhaps due to the fact that the entire area where the property located is still being developed.

A lot of these originate from the rural areas. Bare land areas have yet to be assessed the actual land value. But if you are an investor, you would consider investing in them after prior studies. You may just find yourself investing well and even selling them as a profit in the future if you so choose.

Jun 19

Good Investing Tips

There are some things that last through the ages, some pieces of advice that you can translate many different ways that will always be applicable. Usually, these are life advice but there are some practical ones that stand the test of time too.


In investing, there are some things that you really should look at and these things applied twenty years ago and still apply today. Take a look at prices. Those homes in high demand, in posh places, will have high process but you will find property in surrounding areas that are more affordable. Take a look at projections on how these areas may boom in the future and this may be something to consider. Tax is inescapable so look for a place that has low or manageable tax. Finally, look at school statistics. Schools that are rising in ranks in certain areas is a good indicator of a good place to invest in.

Keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have a better time making a shortlist and deciding later on.

Jun 12

Real Estate Transactions

by Andrea Mella

57.jpgThe number of transactions in May, reported with the Department of Finance was higher than in some month since August 2007. Advisers said there was a significant command for extraordinary and classy trophy properties. Up till now, there were some signs of concern in the initial numbers, in which the primary marker of the agreements signed was during the spring selling period. More often than not it go on with all the way through the Fourth of July. The sales were blocked during May and it goes down up to 20 percent below. Also, there were signs of a hold back in sales of smaller and lower-priced apartments.   

Jun 5

The Fixer Upper


This term simply refers to a property that’s being offered for sale at a lower price than what it should normally get, because the property needs a number of repairs to be restored to its best condition.

A house with a large floor area and significant improvements may still be called a fixer-upper if, for example, the house has been neglected or abandoned for several years, needing to be remodeled to be fit to live in again.

May 29

Relationship To Clients


A real estate investor’s client relations will determine his success in this field. His knowledge of the general legal procedures, skills in getting the best deal for his client and exploring the details of every transaction will give his client the assurance that he is right person to do the job for them.

May 22

Home Buyers Spend More to Live in the City


City living in condo type dwellings is preferred than buying homes in residential areas by urban dwellers. The higher premium is offset by the accessibility to one’s workplace, the restaurants and entertainment center. Other factors that were in consideration are the reduced time and expenses for commuting and lesser outlay for gas.

May 15

Finding a Reliable Broker


When you are considering investing in properties and real estate, it would be best to get the assistance of reliable brokers who know the ins and outs of the market today. There are a lot of them around and most of them have been licensed by the local body of real estate broker associations in your area.

There are some people who would seek help from would-be brokers without a license, perhaps to avoid the deductions such as commissions which are commanded by most. While this is a good ploy, do remember that there are brokers who may scam you out of your money, perhaps larger than these deductions you are trying to avoid.

May 8

Investment Myths – Get Rich Quick

Image Source:i197.photobucket.com

Investing in real estate properties will make you rich in no time at all. Buying property and then selling it for far more than you paid for – otherwise known as “flipping” – is the best way to increase your wealth.There are some people who are successful in adding to their wealth this way. But this is actually risky and advisable only if the market is in a good condition. No-downpayment schemes are saying that the property is fully financed – that is, a big share of the cashflow is allotted for paying the monthly amortizations. This kind of scheme actually gives you higher interest rates because of the bigger risk to the lending company and no money is allotted for improvement or repairs should the need arise. This is saying that you are depending on the property itself to bring you more money instead of improving the management of the property to increase its cashflow. An investment expert said, don’t sell if you want your money out, have your property refinanced and pull out any equity you can.

May 1

Can You Trust Your Agent?


As far as real estate selling is concerned, chances are most of them can be sold on a fast break basis if you have real estate brokers or agents offer them for you. You may be wondering why real estate agents are aggressive in selling certain property and it all boils down to the commission that they will get.

Existing and laid out properties are easier to sell. For one thing, the buyer already has something to see and bank on. They do not have to wait and see the final output because it is already there. But the thing is, can you trust them to find reliable buyers? Make sure you do a background check on them and see their portfolio prior to agreeing.